Finally, I have it!

So… Some of you may have noticed a slight change. I now own the premium domain This is what I have wanted for many years but it was always taken, now it’s taken by me 😊


It was always the plan to have for as long as I can remember but I had to use because as I said it was always taken. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that who ever owned the domain name never renewed it so I snapped it up instantly along with Now from your point of view nothing has changed, same website, same me, but now in the address bar, no matter which domain name you use it will redirect to


The best part of it, because I’m using Square space all the old links still work. However, if you do come across a dead link please let me know by using the contact me page here:

That’s it for me, I’m of to recover from a germ-infested man flu and just as the weather got good too. Update your bookmarks and I’ll speak to you soon…